Application Process

Proposal Evaluation

Application form and requirements

Obtain an application form from our offices or apply here. Fill in the application form and attach necessary documents as per the checklist below:

  • Application Form LS-MFEZ 1
  • Certified copy of Company Registration/Incorporation
  • Certified copy of certificate of share capital
  • Zambia Revenue Authority TPIN
  • Certified copy of list of shareholders and / or directors
  • ID/Passport certified
  • Business plan and/or feasibility study
  • Verifiable evidence of project finance
  • Brief resumes/CVs for shareholders and/or directors
  • Clear statement on how the project will fit into the overall LS - MFEZ Master
  • Layout plan of Proposed development. (required after approval on the application)

N.B Then submit together with a non-refundable application fee of ZMW500 to be paid to LS MFEZ.

Investor due diligence

  1. Scrutiny of financial statements or audited financial reports to determined capability of investor to implement the project sought for. A letter of comfort from financier is sought for as well.
  2. Investors should not have engaged in illegal business in the past 5 years

Criteria for Evaluation

  • Value of investment: Investment should be above $500,000.00 for foreign investors and $100,000.00 for local investors
  • Jobs Created: Each investment should create not less than 50 job opportunities with an exception to specific industries.
  • Export Potential: Quality of products to be produced should be of high standard that can penetrate the regional market as well as internationally.
  • Value Chain Maximization: % use of local raw materials, local transporters, supply agreements with locals, impact of product or service to the locals.
  • Industry in Agro Processing: Priority is given to investors who wish to venture in agro processing projects. (our priority is to grow the manufacturing sector and Agri- processing is part of the manufacturing. I propose priority is should be given general manufacturing and value addition to local raw materials should be our priority)
  • Investor Meeting (Interview): Investors are invited for a meeting with the team for a familiarization interview and clarifications of any information that may be deemed unclear.

Lease Agreement and Registration

Lease agreement is issued and signed by both parties after payment of lease fees. Four (4) copies are sent to investor for his/her signature. Three (3) are sent back to LSMFEZ for lease registration at Ministry of Lands whilst one (1) is kept by investor to proceed with sector approvals or other uses as may be deemed fit by the investor in accordance with the lease guidelines. The investor gets the registered lease fees after 2 weeks.

Sector Approvals

Each investor is required to undertake sector approvals with different authorizing agencies/organizations. Sector approvals depend on which sector one in involved but everyone is required to get Zambia Environmental Agency (ZEMA) approvals and Lusaka Provincial Planning Authority (LPPA) approvals. All investors are also required to get Occupancy License, Fire Certificate and business certificate to name a few or other operational licenses.

Time Frames:


The investor should engage a local architect who will prepare the detailed architectural designs for the proposed development and submit to LS-MFEZ when they are ready. LS- MFEZ will evaluate the plans if they meet the design and building standards for the zone and once cleared, the plans will be submitted to LPPA for approval. LPPA has meeting once every month and they meet the last Friday of very month.


Duration is 45 working days. (Note: 45 days is the approval period and not the preparation period)